Dual Brand Hilton Hotel Dolphin Mall

May 2016

Clearing grubbing, demolition, utilities, earthwork, paving, and concrete work.

This project is an 11 story, 232 room hotel located in the City of Sweetwater occupying a 5 acre site. The site was divided by a West tract of virgin ground with overgrown vegetation and an East tract that was previously mitigated by the owner. The scope of work included clearing and grubbing, earthwork, underground utilities, and paving.

We understood coming into the project that the differ ground condition would pose a challenge to the underground utilities and paving operations. The virgin ground in the City of Sweetwater is extremely hard. For the installation of the Exfiltration System we utilized a 100,000 LB excavator (CAT 345) with a heavy duty rock bucket and still spent a decent amount of time scratching the bottom layer to reach the 15′ depth excavation.

Nevertheless with all its challenges we completed our scope on time and under budget.

The Numbers:

  • 5 Acre Site.
  • 34,000 SF Building.
  • 93,000 SF Parking Lot.
  • 1,400 LF Exfiltration System.
  • 3 EA MDWASD Utility Connections.

Scope of Work

Paving System
Concrete Work
Underground Utilities