Ft Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport Runway Expansion

July 2012

Clearing, grubbing and demolition

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) Site Preparation and Navigational Aids (NAVAIDS) for the major expansion of the South Runway 9R-27L. The new 8,000 LF  runway replaced the old 5,276 runway and span U.S. Highway 1, Florida East Coast Railway and airport perimeter road. Noury Construction Co’s job was to perform the building, pavement and runway demolition and the clearing and grubbing.

The project was divided in three phases. Phase 1 included the area east of U.S. 1 that required clearing and grubbing of dense vegetated wet lands approximately 20 Acres, a car rental lot, a warehouse, and light vegetation around 30 Acres. Phase 2 West portion of old runway 136 Acres and Phase 3 the East side of the old runway 85 Acres. The complete site was 271 Acres.

The old runway was removed and ground on site to be reuse as embankment approximately 297,000 SY. The concrete foundation was ground on site to be reused as embankment also, minimizing the disposal to vegetation and miscellaneous debris. Finally we demolished the old radar tower by removing the bolt and support of one side and installing a temporary support on the opposite site. After the two legs with the temporary support were cut using a steel cable and a 100,000 LB excavator we pull the tower down. We hired a local structural engineer to do calculations and ensure the safety of all employees.

The Numbers:

  • 271 Acre Site.
  • 61 Acres of Asphalt Runway Demolition.
  • 20 Acres Heavy Vegetation Clearing.
  • 190 Acres Light Vegetation Clearing and Grubbing.
  • 1 Radar Tower Demolition.

Scope OF Work

Clearing And Grubbing