May 2012

Addition of a Classroom Facility Building to the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus Downtown Miami. Approximately 110,000 SF facility that has the campus student life office, classrooms, food court, and wellness center. The challenge of this project was the limited space and the heavy traffic. Most of the utility and road work was done at night. The scope of work included demolition, structural excavation, paving system, concrete work and underground utilities.
Understating the downtown traffic was crucial to construct the facility with minimal disruption to students and the public, including several events like the Miami Dade College Book Fair, and Ultra. All the work was completed without permanently closing any street. We work together with the College, City of Miami Public Works, and Suffolk to accomplish this task. And we are proud that the work was completed on time.

The Numbers:

  • 18,500 SF Bldg. in a 20,000 SF Site.
  • Off site Asph and Conc. restoration 30,000 SF.

Scope of Work

Structural Excavation
Paving System
Concrete Work
Underground Utilities