August 2013

Construction of a new resort in Pompano Beach. Two adjacent towers, one renovated (old hotel) and one new with two levels parking garage. Everything on site beside the building was demolish including the parking lot, pool and amenity areas. The 3.3 acre site has a 1.6 acre coastal beach front and a 0.5 acre remote parking lot. This project present a few challenges. Any material excavated at the coastal area need to remain on site and be utilize for dune restoration, since we were dealing with a previously developed site the sand from the excavations had rocks and concrete. To clean the sand we mobilized a screener and run the sand through it twice to remove any larger material, all this been done in a very limited area. The drainage system under the garage had to be installed after the first level was in placed limiting the clearance and the equipment that can be use. And finally the new utility connection were under A-1-A. We coordinated with the City of Pompano Beach, the Florida Department of Transportation and Suffolk to divert the traffic and accelerate the construction to minimize the impact to the public.


Another project completed on time. And this project won an award from ABC Excellence in Construction Awards.

The Numbers:

  • 3.3 Acre Site.
  • 25,400 SF Garage and Tower.
  • 30,000 SF Parking Lot.
  • 4,000 SF Off-site Parking.
  • 1,000 LF Drainage Pipe.

Scope of Work

Paving System
Underground Utilities
Dunes, Grass Paved, Pool Area