June 2018

Structural excavation and backfill, utilities, earthwork, paving and concrete work.

The tallest building in the City of Miami and the State of Florida at 869 FT – 85 stories. Noury Construction Co was selected by the Owner and GC to perform the structural excavation, earthwork, drainage and paving systems. Being the tallest building in the City of Miami it required the biggest foundation in the city. After auger-cast piles were install we excavated 20,000 CY of limestone for the mat pour and prepare the temporary roads and pump stations for a single pour that started a Friday night and continue until Sunday. We overcome every challenge presented to us by logistics, weather and site conditions. A fourth of that excavation remain in the down town area at a stock pile location to be used for backfill operations. We were able to finish our tasks on time with the overall schedule.

Later on the project we install the drainage system that consisted of several wells and exfiltration system. The drainage was done while the tower was under construction with limited site access and extremely tight areas. And finally prepare the base for the paver system around the new and existing towers.

The Numbers:

  • 3.2 Acre Site.
  • +/- 14 FT Excavation.
  • 30,000 CY of Excavation.

Scope of Work

Structural Excavation
Paving System
Concrete Work
Underground Utilities