July 2020

Surveying, erosion control, demolition, utilities, earthwork, paving, concrete work and traffic signage.

Verde Elementary School, a 132,800 square foot project, was completed during the height of a new pandemic. Located in Boca Raton, this project involved a complete demolition of existing buildings to make way for a two-story classroom building alongside single-story academic buildings for 1,500 K-8 students. Our scope of work encompassed the removal and disposal of the existing facility and utilities, as well as the installation of new drainage, sewer, fire, and water systems. Additionally, we laid down 16,000 square yards of paving and implemented a comprehensive concrete system, including curbs and sidewalks. Noury Construction leveraged its experience with accelerated schedule projects to ensure that the site development for Verde Elementary School was completed on time for the new school term. Despite the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, our team adapted to the new working norms and successfully delivered the project within the specified timeframe.

The Numbers:

  • 20 Acres
  • 132,800 SF Building.
  • 16,000 SY Paving.
  • 1,200 CY Concrete.
  • 2,500 LF Drainage System.
  • 5,000 LF Water System.

Scope of Work

Paving System
Concrete Work
Underground Utilities